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What is pressing? How is this strategy applied in modern football are questions that many people are interested in. Let’s vnew88 Learn about this modern style of football.

What is the pressing style?

Pressing or pressing style of football is defined in football as “creating pressure”. This pressure is maintained by the players at a high intensity and continuously, causing their opponents to become confused and easily lose the ball.

The highest purpose and task of pressing is to regain control of the ball from the opponent and not allow the opponent to have space to coordinate. To operate this style of play, teams often have a very good physical foundation to maintain continuous pressing intensity.

This is also one of the most popular strategies in world football today. Big teams often apply it to be able to impose their playing style on smaller teams.

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the presing style

Every strategy has its weaknesses and strengths, pressing is no exception to that rule. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of pressing football?

Advantages of pressing tactics

Basically, pressing does not target the ball but targets the opponent’s players, especially the players holding the ball. Constantly getting close confuses the opponent’s players, leading to bad passes.

It is considered a tactic that brings many breakthroughs and effectiveness. If you organize a pressing situation well, your team will easily get the ball back and their advantage.

Conceptually, pressing forces opposing players to deploy the ball under extreme pressure. If you don’t really practice to “escape pressing” smoothly, facing pressing teams is extremely uncomfortable.

Limitations of pressing tactics

The first and most easily recognized limitation when using pressing is physical strength. Players who play pressing style have to practice a lot physically to be able to maintain high and continuous intensity.

Because if you just relax the pressing, the opponent can easily escape the pressing, thereby finding the gaps revealed by the pressing. Therefore, we often see teams that play pressing style with many players with big bodies and good speed.

Another indispensable part is the smooth coordination between positions on the field. The players must really understand each other, press together to form a unified block, and cover each other against pressing escape situations that the opponent can create.

Continuous communication with each other is also extremely important. This helps the players make better contact and keep better positions during the match.
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Besides having a good physical foundation, the squad must also be extremely thick. Modern football forces players to compete a lot. If you have to constantly press with a tight schedule, no matter how strong you are, the player will be exhausted.

Popular pressing deployment styles

Pressing strategies are divided into 3 main application categories. These are low-range Pressing, mid-range Pressing and high-range Pressing. Let’s learn more about these types of pressing with nhacaiuytin.dev.

What is low range pressing?

True to its name, “Low pressing” this tactic mainly steals the ball from the opponent in their own half. The players press harder when the opponent enters their own half, causing them to lose the ball and unable to launch an attack.

If they get the ball back, low-pressing teams can immediately launch a quick counter-attack to bring home a goal. Therefore, this is also the strategy of teams that play a lot of counter-attacking defense.

What is mid-range pressing?

Different from the low-range pressing strategy, mid-range pressing chooses the midfield area to perform pressing. The purpose of this tactic is to prevent the opponent’s ball combinations, thereby preventing the opponent from attacking.

Normally, the mid-range pressing strategy is applied alternately between high-range pressing and low-range pressing tactics. This complements the defensive purposes as well as ball deployment of these two strategies.

What is high range pressing?

High pressing is applying pressure right on the opponent’s court. This is also the strategy used by big teams like Pep’s Man City or Klopp’s Liverpool.

When using this tactic, the entire squad rises very high, creating pressure right on the opponent’s field. In which the attacking players are distributed close to the opponent’s defenders and goalkeeper. The central defenders advance to half the field to perform defensive duties and recover the ball.

This style of football creates tremendous pressure on the opponent, especially the goalkeeper. If the goalkeeper is not able to play the ball well, they often choose to lift the ball high and often lose the ball.


The article “What Is Pressing Football – The Trend Of Modern Football” has given you the most objective perspectives on pressing football. Hopefully you have the answer to the question “What is pressing kick?” In addition, you can refer to our Betting Guide category to learn more about other ways to play!

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