What is Long Tiger  New88? How to Always Win for Newbies

Dragon Tiger  New88SG is certainly a game that is no longer too strange for those who have a passion for betting. Popular card game ofBookmaker  New88 There is a simple way to play but the payout rate is extremely generous. That’s why bettors have gained extremely valuable profits.

Brief introduction about dragon tiger  New88

For those who don’t know, this classic super product originates from the beautiful country of Cambodia. This unique card game is also known as Dragon Tiger and was launched in the Vietnamese market in 2018. It can be said that this is one of the few betting games based on the result of only one card. to determine victory or defeat. Thanks to this special gameplay, it has stimulated bettors to want to conquer and win in every bet.

Why is Dragon Tiger  New88 so popular?

Since entering the online betting market, betting games have attracted a large number of users. Proving that Dragon Tiger  New88 possesses many special features that players cannot ignore such as:

Dragon Tiger card game  New88 has many great promotions

Coming to Long Ho  New88, you will receive a series of super hot promotional codes organized by the house specifically for the betting lobby such as:

  • Gratitude to new players 100% of the deposit value on the first play.
  • Bet freely without worrying about running out of money with an unlimited loss refund policy of up to 1.5%.
  • There are also many incentive programs specifically for VIP members or members who have been with the house for a long time.

Fastest payout speed

The transaction speed when playing Dragon Tiger  New88 is also highly appreciated by many experts. Currently, gamers can deposit/withdraw money using methods such as e-wallets, phone scratch cards, scanning QR codes, etc. With a variety of payment methods, in just a few minutes the player has bet. Complete the transaction process.

Extremely good security policy support

The reason this classic masterpiece attracts so many gamers is thanks to its advanced and modern information security system. Every time players decide to bet, security is the top priority for players. Therefore, 889B always focuses on developing and upgrading the system, but they are also closely monitored by IT experts. Therefore, you can play the game with complete peace of mind without worrying about your account being stolen.

Dragon tiger  New88 rules that you need to understand clearly

This classic masterpiece has specific rules in each betting table that bettors should not ignore:

Tools used to play card games

Dragon Tiger  New88 also uses a deck of 52 cards divided into 4 suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades. Including 9 number cards from 2 to 10 and 4 letters J, Q, K, A. Specifically, these cards will be scored as follows:

  • Letter A is converted into 1 point.
  • The J card is equivalent to a score of 11.
  • The Q card will correspond to a score of 12.
  • The K card is converted into 13 points.

Rules for betting according to the rules of Dragon Tiger  New88

To successfully conquer this card game, bettors must clearly understand the betting options to serve the playing process:

  • Dragon Door: This bet has odds of 1:1. At that time, the gamer wins the bet when the total score of the dragon door is higher than the tiger door.
  • Tiger Door: Just like the dragon door, the odds of the tiger door are 1:1. You win the bet when the total score of the tiger door is higher than the dragon door.
  • Betting on even and odd numbers: When choosing the dragon box with even cards, the probability of winning is quite high.
  • Quality betting: It can be said that this is one of the attractive forms of betting in the New88 dragon and tiger card game. In it, gamers will predict and bet on the cards that will be drawn. If your decision is correct, you will receive a bonus of 1:3.
  • Big/small bet: This unique form of betting allows you to freely choose Dragon or Tiger cards. If you choose the big bet, it means you believe that the face up card will have a value greater than 7. On the contrary, if you choose the small bet, you believe that the value of the face up card will be less than 7.

The secret to playing Dragon Tiger unbeaten from experts

If you are not confident enough to participate in betting on this legendary super product, please refer to the following 5 tips for playing Dragon Tiger to redeem rewards:
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Choose a suitable betting table, do not compete with the experts

Experts advise that if you are a rookie with limited experience, you should only choose betting tables that are suitable for you. Remember that you absolutely should not participate in matches with many players with high stakes. It will certainly cause you to fail miserably and lose all your bets quickly.

The strategy is not to bet on too many doors

In fact, choosing multiple betting options will give gamers a higher winning rate but carries many potential risks. Even the winnings you receive cannot compensate for the capital you initially spent. Therefore, please consider carefully and have smart betting strategies to avoid losing money unfortunately.

Strategy of saying no to folding in dragon tiger  New88

It can be said that folding is one of the tricks that cannot be missed in casino card games. However, for this classic masterpiece, you absolutely should not apply this trick. Because in the Dragon Tiger game there is a draw, if unfortunately you bet twice and the result falls on this door, you will lose half of your bet capital.

Don’t bet all-in

According to players in the casino betting industry, you absolutely should not bet all-in in any situation. Because in red and black betting, nothing is 100% certain. Therefore, when you feel your card has a good chance of winning, gamers should only bet up to 85% of the capital they own.

Train your nerves of steel when playing dragon tiger  New88

Maintaining mental and emotional stability is one of the secrets that you should not ignore. Because only a strong mentality will help players make the wisest decisions and limit mistakes to the lowest level. If you unfortunately lose, gamers should not be impatient but stop playing to regain their spirit and learn lessons for the next playing sessions.


Above is useful information about the super product Dragon Tiger  New88. Hopefully through this article you will have a detailed review of this unique card game live casino and successfully apply the above tips to play well to be able to win valuable bonuses as expected.

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