Definition of Odds Odds and 3 Best Ways to View Odds

Odds are a term you often encounter when playing betting in general and soccer betting in particular. Understanding this term will help players easily participate in the most standard betting bets. So what odds are there now, and how to see them at the bookmaker New88 how. All of those questions are revealed through the article content below.

What is the odds?

Odds or betting odds also call it by many other names such as: house odds, betting site odds, money-in odds,…

These numbers are all determined by the house New88 football odds, analysis given for each competing team. If you often bet on soccer, you will definitely find it very familiar.

It is also an indispensable term in soccer betting that you need to accumulate in your knowledge betting experience. Nowadays, when the need for entertainment and predicting money is increasing, it is inevitable that the number of bookmakers continuously springing up.

Not only do you watch the top matches live, you also predict the stronger side will win. To attract more participants, bookmakers will create a series of attractive odds. So where do those numbers and the betting site system come from?

At prestigious playgrounds, silkworms always have their own team of experts to analyze the match. They will post the odds on the specific information board before each match.

Meanwhile, at small-scale bookmakers, all betting parameters must be purchased from other sports organizations.

Anyone who participates in betting must be careful. Because of the high odds, the attraction of profits always comes with great risks. That is also the trap that the house creates that makes it easy for new players to fall into and difficult to avoid.

Instructions for viewing Odds at  New88

Currently,  New88 Bookmaker is known as the bookmaker providing the most prestigious odds in the market. So the number of new people coming here also increases every day.

That leads to the need to discover how to view odds at  New88, below are detailed instructions:

  • First, you need to regularly monitor all information in the New88 odds table given before each match.
  • Pay attention to the live match time to capture information. Suppose in the match between Germany and France, Germany is the home team so it will be on top, France will appear below.
  • The top team New88 will have a red symbol and the bottom team will have blue or charcoal black.
  • If the level of both sides is assessed by the house to be balanced, it will be displayed in the same color on the odds board.
  • Before the ball kicks off, New88 always gives detailed information on the odds table. That number may change depending on the actual situation. Even after the match has taken place, the odds can still change.

The odds are available at bookmaker  New88

At  New88 today, there are many different odds for players to choose from. However, below are the forms that most house members participate in:

Handicap 1

First half handicap is a form that only takes results in the first 45 minutes.  New88 will evaluate the performance and strength of each side to predict results. Participants are allowed to choose the lower or upper door.

Handicap 1.25

Handicap 1.25, also known as 1 ¼, 1 and a half goals, is the odds you see appearing in matches between two teams with different levels, specifically the following cases:

  • Betting on the top team means the actual result will be a total win of 1 goal. Those who take the upper bet lose half of their bet capital, and those who take the lower bet receive half the money.
  • Those who bet on the top bet will win by 2 goals in the end and will win the full betting bonus, but whoever picks the bottom bet will lose everything.
  • If that match has the final result of a draw or the lower side wins with any score, then the player with the upper side loses everything, and the lower side wins everything.

European Odds

European odds or 1×2 odds are the most popular form of betting today. Participants will have 3 money entry doors including Draw, Win, Loss depending on their judgment. This type of game is often popular in European and American countries.


Handicap is a form of betting that you see appearing in matches with skill differences. The dealer must provide a handicap number to create balance.

Because the favorite team must carry a handicap, if the odds are high, it means that the level of the two sides is extremely different.

On the contrary, when the odds are lower, the two teams are quite balanced, the handicap is insignificant. Usually there are two common types of handicap: money handicap.

When the amount of money between the two sides is much different, the house will change to equal to the goal.

Bet on exact score

For exact score bets, participants must accurately predict the final result of the match. This is also considered the most difficult bet to win at online bookmakers. In return, if the player predicts correctly, they will receive a huge bonus.

Before the ball kicks off, the bookmaker starts releasing estimates about any score of that match. Players need to choose the lowest reward from 3 to 4 times. In general, depending on the form, the bonus payment rate is also adjusted.

Goal bets

Betting on goals or total goals is a form of betting that is volatile and not fixed.

You need to make predictions for the results of the first half, whether there will be a goal in the second half or not, and specifically how many. Finally, bet on 2 teams to score in both halves.

Corner kick bets

Corners betting, also known as Corners, is a form of prediction without having to pay attention to the winner or loser or the number of goals scored.

Instead, players need to pay attention to the total number of corner kicks taken by each side.

See: Đá Gà New88

Odds – Bet on the scorer

Goal scorer betting is a form of betting on a player who is likely to score in a specific match.

However, this type of bet is quite picky about participants because there are up to 22 individuals without additional reserve factors, so the risk is quite high. In return, you get big rewards in diverse forms.

At the same time, you can also choose 1 of 2 forms as follows: Bet on the player who will score the opponent’s goal first. Let’s say Chelsea vs Man United match. You predict Mount will score against De Gea first.

The player bets 100k for that prediction. If the result is correct, you will receive a total amount of money according to the conversion rate: 100k x 8 equals 800k.

On the contrary, if the bettor predicts incorrectly, he must lose money to the house according to the initial missed capital. There are also a few other types of bets such as who will score in 90 minutes and who will score the last goal.

Bet not to concede

Betting on not conceding a goal, also known as white net, clean sheet, no goal, is a very rare form. It is only classified as a side bet, but sometimes at  New88 it is also occasionally on the odds board.

Those participating in white net bets will predict that both sides cannot score each other’s goals in the official 90 minutes of play. Usually this type of bet is only offered by large, reputable bookmakers.

Above is all the information explaining the odds as well as how to view them on the house table. Through this, you can also understand which betting odds are popular at bookmaker  New88. What are you waiting for?Download the  New88 app to participate in betting now.

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