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The form of games to exchange prizes is always attractive to those in the entertainment world. In particular, startup code giveaway games have recently become popular on forum sites. In this article Nhà cái Hi88 will introduce the top 5 attractive card games with rewards and capital for new players.

Top 1 Game played at Hi88

Hi88 is a game portal that supports redeeming rewards and giving startup codes that is sought after and supported by many gamers. Thanks to outstanding features from promotions such as receiving 50k code immediately when you successfully register an account at this house and receive an additional 5k money to confirm your game account.

Although this startup code-donating gaming platform has just launched on the market not long ago, it has quickly won the trust of the gaming community. Own thousands of diverse and unique games such as: Tien Len Nam, Sam Loc, Eat Starfruit and Pay Gold,…

In addition, the house also has an extremely reputable and safe reward exchange service. With super fast browsing speed. Not only that, depositing and withdrawing money here at a 1:1 rate means you don’t have to spend any money at all. Therefore, you can clearly see your benefits if you participate in playing games here.

Top 2 Kubet card games – Receive 25k gift code immediately

Bookmaker Kubet is also considered by many people in the entertainment world to be a reputable game portal. The startup code giveaway game here is also very attractive with 25k giftcode if you successfully register an account. Along with it are extremely valuable gifts from other promotions during the year.

Participating in entertainment at this game portal, you will definitely have time to relax with super attractive games such as: Poker, Lieng, Mau Binh,… With the conversion rate also within 1:1, you can bet on it. Enjoy your full rewards without having to worry about fees.

In addition, there is also a customer care service that always ensures maximum benefits for all new players. All questions are supported by the most dedicated support department.
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Top 3 Games that give away startup codes at Fa88

Fa88 launches a program to give away 50k code to each new member who registers for the first time at the house. This bookmaker was also just launched not long ago and the number of customers registered here is also relatively large. Although the capital of 50k is not much, it can be enough for you to make capital to start your own business from the simplest games.

Not only that, experiencing at this house, you will have the opportunity to participate in the startup code giving game that dominates the hottest hit games on the market such as: Leaf counting game, blackjack, football,…

The loading speed of the game in the system is extremely fast and smooth. Bringing you the best experience, helping you not have to wait long and causing discomfort. With the top priority criterion being not having to go through any intermediary system. All transactions here are kept confidential and information cannot be stolen by any third party.

Top 4 Games that give away Yo88 startup codes

Yo88 playground is also a place where people often come for entertainment. There are many attractive reward programs here, especially an immediate gift of 50k when you successfully register an account for the first time at the game portal.

This is the second largest prize exchange playground on the market today. Coming to Yo88, you can freely enjoy large and small promotions deployed by the house on a weekly, monthly and extended basis. After successfully registering an account, the system will immediately add 50k to your account as startup capital.

This startup code giving game portal also owns a huge array of games for customers to freely choose from such as: Sic Bo, Mau Binh, Crab Bau,… with a 1:1 conversion rate without any fees. Not only that, this playground also supports customers super fast in bonus payments. You can receive it immediately into your account or transfer it to a phone scratch card, both are acceptable. The security policy at the house is also always at the highest level. The bookmaker has been operating for many years but has never had any feedback from any customers regarding the issue of personal information being leaked.

Top 5 Register an account to receive 50k immediately from RIKVIP

RIKVIP is one of the famous playgrounds that is rumored among friends about the generosity of the house. Continuous reward programs take place here with the welcome of a large number of participating members. In particular, the game offers a 50k startup code for each member who successfully registers an account for the first time.

The most notable highlight at this house is the extremely fast access speed. You can freely access the game without having to worry about errors or lags, game crashes rarely occur. Therefore, you can rest assured to experience the game here without having to worry about any trouble.


Above, Hi88 has introduced the top 5 most attractive and reputable startup code giving games for new players to refer to. Hopefully these useful shares will bring many wonderful experiences to you.

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