Today, we would like to introduce a more enjoyable experience, which is fun and exciting racade168 with the attractive online slots game of 2022. PG Slot recommends 8 lucky games that are outstanding for 2022, namely

Rise of Apollo

A slot game that is themed about the gods according to the belief in the Greek gods. The game was released at the end of June last year. It is one of the most popular games. Can climb to the top hit and still have an RTP of up to 96.78%

Wild Bandito

In a Mexican-style slot game, the protagonist is a skull hunter who specializes in trophy hunting. It is regarded as another game that made a name for the slots from the PG camp. This game is popular with slot hunters as one of the top until it is in the Top 5 of the PG game camp and also has a multiplier to win up to 25,000 times.

Majestic Treasure

Slot games come in an adventure theme. Wander through the land of precious gems. This game is an online slot with 5 slots, and 5 rows and has a chance to win up to 50,000 times the maximum prize money. Most importantly, it’s very easy to break! As well

 Egypt’s Book of Mystery

The slot game comes with an adventurous theme to find precious treasures in the ancient Egyptian tombs. The characters that come out in each spin, I must say it’s amazing. Because in addition to beautiful pictures, good graphics, and also break well.

Treasures of Aztec

The most beloved cave girl game of all time. This slot game comes in a retro fantasy theme. Invade the city of Aztec the most prolific empire of the Mexicans It was filled with precious treasures. Suitable for slot hunters who want to win bonuses. With special multipliers for a chance to win big broken well forever. Must be given to this game, cave girl.

Ganesh Fortune

Brahmin-Hindu-themed slot game with Ganesh The god of success will come down to inspire a great set of luck. That rewards an increasing multiplier this fun game is worth the wait. Especially for those who believe in the gods, it is believed that this game is a game of success. The more you play, the richer you become.

Candy Bonanza

Super cute and bright style slot game. Comes in a candy-colored candy theme. Suitable for players who want to start playing slots games. This game is another game that is guaranteed to break well. Brighten up with Free Spins Rewards that will make you reach the jackpot round It’s not difficult to win an exclusive multiplier bonus.


Another online slot game comes with a theme about the beliefs of Thai people of Chinese descent. It is believed god cay Xing will bring fortune, money, and success to those who worship especially the reclining posture of the god Cain Xing Aria It will help to cause enormous rewards. Access to increased multipliers until leading to an opportunity for success WIN BIG IN FREE SPINS 50รับ150 this game is considered another popular game for PG slots fans.

PG SLOT is convenient, safe, and confident in the service system because PG SLOT is a provider of online slots games that can be played for real money. Ready to be by your side 24 hours a day, and the rules of play are not complicated, easy to play, the jackpot is broken often, get a good profit, and there is no minimum wagering.

Those who are interested should study the information and consider choosing to play with the leading online slots leader with long experience in service. PG Slot supports all devices and platforms. Wherever you are in the world can join in the chance to win a profit create your success today?

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