How to Select and Use a Face Serum for Women?

What inspires you every time you look at your favorite actresses or models? Is it their ‘no make-up’ look that brings out the depth of their skincare? Is it how their skin looks so glowing and radiant every time? Regardless of the answer, we know you would wonder about the secret to their near-perfect skincare regime. So if you too would like to have flawless skin like them, you should opt for the best face serum for women available in the market.

In this quest of yours, you might face multiple challenges. But, then again, are you not the person who would effortlessly sail through by following the best techniques? Yes, you are! So, let us look at how you need to apply any serum.

How Can you Apply a Face Serum Correctly?

If you have not used a face serum for women before today, you might wonder how this tiny little product can add value to your skincare routine. Well, this is a formula that skincare experts have researched for decades.

Usually, applying the face serum for women (or men) from any trusted brand is the best way to transfer nourishment to the skin. It also helps resolve skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, and dark spots with regular usage. However, it would help if you kept in mind that only the best practice will yield the benefits you seek.

Four steps to apply a face serum

Here is a stepwise method of applying a serum to your face. First, selecting a safe, gentle, and effective product that could help answer your skincare woes is important. The following steps would come in next:

Step 1: Before applying the face serum for women, you should clean your face of impurities and excess oil. To clean the skin of its impurities, you should use any natural face wash based on your type of skin and the benefits you seek.

  • If you have oily skin, your chosen face wash should function as an oil cleanser.
  • If you have dry skin, your chosen face wash should contain nourishing agents.

A face wash should complement your preferred serum and face cream. For example, if you are looking for retinol cream uses such as the Retinol Night Cream for Women with Retinol and Bakuchi for Anti-Ageing, Fine Lines, and Wrinkles from Mamaearth, you should buy a safe and gentle face wash that can add value to the serum’s effect.

Step 2: After you have cleansed and dried your face using a soft towel, you need to prepare your skin cells for serum absorption. This step requires cleaning the hidden dust particles and filling the pores with nourishing ingredients.

Do you know what you should be using in this second step? Yes, you guessed it right! This is when a face toner comes into the picture. If your skin is extremely dry, you should use a moisturizing toner or even skip this step to retain moisture.

Step 3: This is when the face serum for women gets a chance to wave its magic wand and cast its magic. There are two broad ways of applying this face serum.

  • First, you can take a few drops of the serum in your palm and evenly massage it on your skin. This direct application of the face serum on the dermis helps the natural ingredients of the face serum for women to transfer all the benefits easily.
  • The second is by using the face serum by mixing a portion of the serum with the face cream. It is important to maintain an equal ratio of the face cream and the serum to enhance the application process.

Tip: The first way is better suited if your skin is typically oily, while the second way is especially suited for dry-skinned people.

Step 4: After applying the face serum to women, you should wait for five to ten minutes, so the serum gets absorbed into the skin cells. Once it has been absorbed into the skin, you should follow it up with a face cream or moisturizer.

Some people mistakenly avoid this step. No matter how oily or nourished your skin may look, you should keep the balance of essential oils in your skin cells properly maintained. Thus, using moisturizing lotion or face cream is necessary. This also sums up one of the most important retinol creams used in a skincare routine.

The Right Time to apply the Face Serum:

Most people wonder how often the face serum can be applied. While there is no scientific timeline to follow, skincare experts recommend that the face serum be applied regularly.

If you look at beauty and skincare influencers, you will notice that they usually follow this extensive skincare routine at night. Of course, this helps them give enough care and time to carry out the processes. But it also gives them enough time to rest and keeps them away from pollutants, sun rays, and other unwanted materials.

To be safe, experts also believe that using the face serum at night alongside the cleansing and moisturizing steps would be the best way to take care of the skin. However, you may note that the application of the face serum is not restricted to night only. You can also choose to apply the face serum anytime during the day if you have ample time to carry out the steps critically.

Face Serum Recommendations:

Now that you know the right way to apply a face serum for women, you could be concerned about choosing the best one based on the type of skin you have. Let us sort this dilemma by sharing recommendations based on user experience and expert recommendations.

  1. For dry and dull skin, you need a rich moisturizing formula. First, you should look at Mamaearth’s Skin Illuminate Face Serum for Radiant Skin with Vitamin C and Turmeric. This serum will help your skin radiate the inner glow while transferring moisture and nutrients.
  2. If your skin is oily, you might have acne and pimple. Fortunately, the Tea Tree Face Serum for Acne and Pimples from Mamaearth will help remove all acne-causing bacteria and subdue the unevenness left behind by pimples.
  3. If your skin is showing signs of aging, the remedy to this problem is the Retinol Face Serum from Mamaearth. This light and effective formula will cure hyperpigmentation and slow down your skin’s aging process, helping you retain your younger days.

Summing up

We hope you will be able to grab one of these face serums to upgrade your skincare routine. Do not forget to check if all your skincare products complement each other. This level of compatibility will help in attacking all your skincare problems at once and holistically working towards giving your skin a naturally flawless appearance.

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