Choosing the Right Colors for your Skin Tone

What looks great on one woman may look just ordinary on another. One of the reasons for this could be that they have different skin tones. It is very important for you to choose your makeup colors in line with your skin tone for the most stunning effects. The undertones of your skin impact how your makeup colors look when applied to your face. Here is a quick look at the undertones different skin tones may have:

Fair Skin- yellow, gold, reddish or rosy, pale peach, pale pink

Olive Skin- Yellow, Yellow- orange, yellow- red

Dark skin- red, red- brown, blue, blue- black, ebony, orange- brown

Very important when starting with your foundation is that the color should blend in with the rest of your skin. Choose three colors that are in a similar shade but ranges from light to dark and apply it directly underneath each other on your cheekbone. The one that blends in with your face is the correct color to apply. For those of you who have a very active lifestyle, you may want to skip the foundation and go with a tinted moisturizer for a more natural look.

Women with fair skin can use a foundation that is a shade warmer than their skin tone. This gives your skin a glow. Blue- reds and pinks are best for the lips while softer shades like pale pinks or peach looks great. Fair skinned women should avoid extreme colors over the cheeks as this can be too excessively vivid. If you do want a dramatic look, you may use dark colors but make sure you take all of your eye makeup, lipstick shades etc. into consideration for you to get the perfect look

Olive skinned women can carry off the bronze shades and brighter colors best. You can even add an extra shimmer to your look by using a bronzer over your cheekbone/brow bone areas. Gold, coral, orange- reds look great on the lips. A rule of thumb is that medium colors give you an understated look that is close to ‘natural’. Lighter and darker shades give you a bold look.

With dark skin tones, the challenge is to look attractive without getting an unnatural paleness. Avoid pale shades and opt for burgundy or red-browns. For your lips choose purple, mahogany or shades of brown. Dark colors make for the understated look. With medium colors the makeup is more evident but still looks elegantly attractive in a subtle way. Brighter colors need to be chosen with great care otherwise they appear too vivid to present a cohesively made up look.

Makeup and Tools a Makeup Artist Need

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