How to blend wig closure at home with real hair?

Wig closures are so fun and come with great capability to give you great hairline. But what to do if you need to wear them daily? Going to the salon everyday is not feasible. So, let’s look at some easy tips to blend wig closure with ease at home.

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Preparation Of The Lace Wig Closures

The initial step is to decrease thickness by culling the strands. That is, the heavy density (thickness) looks unnatural. On the off chance that you need a section, utilize a fine tooth brush to make the part, and afterward pluck somewhat more strands to characterize the part.

Ways To Prepare Lace Wigs

There are 2 main ways to do it

  • Bleaching Knots
  • Concealing With Makeup

Let’s Learn about both in brief:

1. Bleaching Knots

Bleaching knots includes hair dye. That is, blanch powder and developer. This combination is applied to the lace for a short period, and afterward cleaned out totally. Experts prescribe shampooing completely and molding to forestall dryness, and to safeguard the nature of the hair.

Note To Attention: This cycle, whenever done inaccurately, can harm the hair of the wig closure. Subsequently, it ought to either be finished by an expert, or somebody with experience. In the event that you are a beginner, have a practice on a cheaper wig piece.

2. Concealing With Makeup

Concealing With Makeup

Fixing your wig closure with make-up is another, okay way to prepare the hairpiece. If you are not interested to tarnish your lace with bleaches, you can apply your make-up to the apparent piece. For this you need:

  • Concealer
  • Concealer brush
  • Setting powder
  • Powder brush
  • Hairspray

The Process

  1. Start with setting the partition of your wig closure. Ensure you level or brush down every one of the wanderer hairs. Apply a modest quantity of concealer to your concealer brush and spot it down the part. Mix it into the lace. Reapply until the whole part has concealer on it. You needn’t bother with a great deal to accomplish this, so do it with soft patting.
  2. Now flip the wig closure inside-out to expose the lace. Utilizing your powder brush, apply your setting powder to the lace at the front of the hairpiece. This ought to go the entire way to where your part closes, as well as the area around it. Then, walk out on the hair side and set the concealer with the powder. It will normally get on the hair yet don’t stress over this, when you apply the hairspray, it breaks down.
  3. Splash within the closure wig with the hairspray, then shower the hairspray straightforwardly on the part. The excess of setting powder from the process above will be now gone.

Easy Genius Hacks To Make Wig Closure Look Natural

Easy Genius Hacks To Make Wig Closure Look Natural

Choose Apt Wig Closure

Select a decent quality wig closure like from brands India Hair International  that of the variety and surface like your normal genuine hair. Part the hair in the conclusion to get a whiz.

Go for lace that matches your skin tones

Buy a HD lace wig closure, which is essentially imperceptible and mixes into your scalp giving you the most genuine look. You can likewise color lace at home by utilizing a texture color; not excessively dull however close in tone to your skin, Dunk a q-tip into the color and apply any place the ribbon will be noticeable: the hair part or around your hairline.

Cut the extra lace

Trim off the extra lace before you wear it with sharp texture scissors, leaving about a 1.25-inch trim strip.

Conceal Your real hair beneath

For a more regular appearance, conceal all of your own hair before you put the wig closure. You can achieve this with cornrow twists, or on the other hand assuming your hair is short you can just clip up your hair down against your skull.

Use Pencil, Eyeliner or Mascara

After you have adjusted your wig closure to accommodate your head easily, daintily define a white boundary on the separated region of the scalp with the white liner pencil. Make the line slim, and as near the scalp as could be expected. So it gives a clean and define hairline for your wig.

Use Concealer Complimenting your skin tone

Dunk a makeup brush into the palette – – gathering a limited quantity of concealer on the tip of the brush. Gently brush the white liner-shrouded part with a slight layer of skin-hued concealer. Wipe the excess of makeup with Paper Towel and plunge the perfect brush into a limited quantity of cosmetics powder that is somewhat more obscure than your complexion. Brush a slender layer of cosmetics powder over the part to seal the concealer.

Use Baby Powder For Setting

In the event that the lace of wig closure is excessively gleaming, delicately dust it with child powder and afterward brush it to let your conclusion hair looks hazier and normal. Utilize a wide-tooth search and a vent brush for styling your ribbon conclusion, since both will diminish the draw on the hair. Go sluggish while eliminating tangles to safeguard your wig.


Well here we are at the end of the blog with hope that it has given you some smart  insight about blending your wig like a pro because wig closure is a complete game changer. Once you know how to wear them there is no looking back. So, learn these tips and get the hair boon of life with India Hair International’s quality wig closures that are easy to use, handle and  style.

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