What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Alternator For Your Watercraft?

The article is about what are the benefits of a custom alternator for your watercraft. The blog author discusses the advantages of purchasing a custom-made alternator instead of a mass-produced one.

Advantages of A Custom Alternator

There are many benefits to having a custom alternator made for your watercraft. They can be tailored specifically to your boat or vehicle and provide stronger output than factory alternators, which can lead to longer engine life and improved performance. Here are five of the most important reasons to get a custom alternator made for your vessel:

  1. Increased Engine Performance- A custom alternator will provide increased engine performance due to its stronger output. This can result in longer engine life and improved performance when compared to regular alternators.
  2. Extended Battery Life- A custom alternator can also help extend battery life by providing more power when needed. This can prevent battery depletion during extended boating trips or during emergencies when extra power is needed immediately.
  3. Improved Fuel Economy- Having a custom alternator can also improve fuel economy due to its increased output. This can reduce the amount of fuel needed during extended cruising or when operating in less-than-ideal conditions.
  4. Increased Durability- Custom Alternators are often built with higher quality materials that make them more durable than factory-made alternators. This can help ensure that the alternator lasts longer and performs better in difficult environments
  5. More Reliable Power Generation – A custom alternator will provide more reliable power generation than a standard alternator. This is due to the fact that the design of a custom alternator is specifically tailored to the unique requirements of your watercraft motors. Besides, custom alternators are typically more reliable than stock units, which can lead to decreased maintenance costs over time.


A custom alternator is a great way to increase the power and efficiency of your watercraft. Not only will it make your vessel faster and more powerful, but it can also prolong the life of your engine. If you’re thinking of upgrading your watercraft’s alternator or considering a new custom one, contact EvoTec for more information.

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