Are sewing machine attachments universal?

The sewing machine plays an important part in the twentieth century method of clothesmaking. It saves a tremendous amount of time. Remarkable little steel attachments that can be quickly and easily snapped into place perform in a few minutes the work that used to take hours to do by hand. Ten yards of material transformed into the finest pin-tucks in ten minutes and it used to take our grandmothers a full day! Shirring, plaiting, ruffling, bindings, even braided designs can now be made right on the sewing machine with amazing rapidity.

Throughout this lesson you will be taught how to make use of the various attachments that came with your sewing machine in applying trimmings and giving a smart, tailored finish to the clothes you make.


Some machine attachment may be supply along with the machine when may be purchased it. Other may be available at additional cast. Attachment make sewing machine easier and provide opportunities for decorative sewing. After deciding which attachments you need get, the dealer to demonstrate the operation of each or the booklets give an instruction for using them.

Most of the fabric must be fixed to the presser bar in the place of the presser foot. The This watermark does not appear in the registered version – 106 attachment that to fast in the presser bar will have prompt similar to presser foot in shade. Some attachment has hook end and that rest on the needle clamp. The attachment most commonly used straight stitch machine and they are listed bellow.


Hemmers make hems from three-sixteenths of an inch to seven-eighths of an inch wide, right on the machine. They really do beautiful work, infinitely more rapid than you could ever expect to do it by hand, and they should be used whenever the material permits.

Machine hemming with the hemmer attachments means hours saved from hand turning and basting. The hem is turned by the hemmer, and at the same time the line of stitching is guided close to the edge of the hem. Always remember, when hemming by machine, to leave threads at the end sufficiently long to thread a hand needle and fasten the end of the hem. Otherwise it is likely to fray.


This attachment is capable of taking gathered or pleated frills, and will take and apply frills to another section at the same time. It is useful in making children’s clothes and curtains. This watermark does not appear in the registered version It is one of the most valuable attachments in sewing machine, and reflects a great deal of credit upon the inventors of these remarkable time-and-money-saving bits of steel. The method of using the ruffler attachment varies with different machines.


Another very valuable attachment in your box of sewing-machine attachments is the binder. Of course fine bindings can be made by hand, but the modern, time-saving method is to make them on the sewing-machine with the aid of the rapid little binder. With this tiny bit of mechanical steel you can make ten yards of binding in ten minutes.

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