Hengli’s High-Density Polyethylene: An Enduring Thermoplastic Resin

Hengli’s HDPE high density polyethylene, a versatile thermoplastic resin, offers excellent low-temperature resistance, chemical stability, and good insulation properties. It is widely used across various industries for its durability and performance. In its high-tech manufacturing processes, Hengli employs ultra-high activity catalysts and polymer formulations to ensure high-quality and stable HDPE products.

Introduction of Hengli’s HDPE High Density Polyethylene

Hengli’s HDPE high density polyethylene, a widely used thermoplastic resin, is produced by the polymerization of ethylene, and in industry, copolymers of ethylene with a small amount of α-olefin are also included. This versatile material has a wax-like feel and is odorless and non-toxic.

One of HDPE high density polyethylene’s advantages is its excellent low-temperature resistance, able to reach as low as -100~-70°C. It also has good chemical stability and can withstand most acid and alkali erosion, except for acids with oxidizing properties. Additionally, it is insoluble in most solvents at room temperature, has low water absorption, and provides excellent electrical insulation.

Hengli’s advanced manufacturing processes and polymer formulations ensure the high-quality performance and stability of its HDPE high density polyethylene products. This quality material excels in various industries, including packaging, construction, and energy. As a reliable and durable thermoplastic resin, Hengli’s HDPE high density polyethylene is an ideal choice for companies looking for high-performance materials.


With its superior properties and reliable performance, Hengli’s HDPE high density polyethylene is an ideal material for companies seeking high-quality, durable, and versatile thermoplastic resins. Its endurance and chemical resistance make it a preferred choice for packaging, construction, and energy industries and Hengli’s advanced manufacturing processes ensure stable and consistent HDPE high density polyethylene products.

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