Features of the game of cricket and whether it is possible to bet

Did you know that in terms of popularity, cricket in https://parimatch.in/en/cricket-cpl competes with football, and is only slightly inferior to it (well, not with us, of course)? This national English sport is especially popular at home, as well as in the former English colonies: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and others.

There are a huge number of different championships and leagues in cricket, all of which have their own characteristics and rules. In general, cricket ranks first in the world in terms of the number of rules and their diversity. Not only the rules of the game can be different, but also the formats of tournaments, the number of participants, etc.

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The basic theory of the game is that two teams of 11 athletes each oppose each other on a grass field. Teams take turns hitting the ball with bats, trying to score points, and trying to prevent their opponents from doing so. The game has no time limit. The basic principles of cricket are similar to baseball. Here, the key figures are the bowler (server) and the batsman (slugger).

Of course, in this article we will not describe all the rules of cricket. This will require a whole series of articles. Bettors who are interested in this sport can easily find information about cricket and its varieties on Wikipedia and other information sources. Our task is to tell about the basic principles of betting on this sport, to demonstrate that you can earn just as good money on cricket betting as on football, hockey, basketball, and tennis betting.

Betting on cricket is no more difficult than betting on other sports, especially since legal bookmakers offer wide lines in which everyone can find an event to their liking.

Types of bets on cricket

In the lines of bookmakers, cricket is represented by a wide selection of bets. These are both main and additional outcomes. Depending on the prestige of the tournament, bookmakers can offer quite exotic bets. For example, which team will win the toss. This bet involves choosing the team to bat first. In general, cricket offers a standard type of betting for all sports:

  • Outcome bets.
  • Handicap/handicap betting.
  • Total bets.
  • Additional rates.
  • Special rates.

Obviously, there can be no draw in cricket, which greatly simplifies the task for bettors. Forecasting comes down to the fact that it is necessary to decide a winner from two teams. Another feature of this sport is that the favorites lose very rarely here. Therefore, if the odds for the victory of one of the teams in the bookmaker’s line are too small, then it can be safely taken in the accumulator.


Given the national characteristics of cricket, we can say that this sport is of interest to professional bettors. Here the line moves not only under the influence of certain factors, but also at the expense of the fans. A huge audience of fans from Great Britain, Australia, India, Pakistan and other countries moves the line by betting on their favorite team. Therefore, often the coefficients in the line of bookmakers do not reflect the essence of what is happening on the site.

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We have already said that cricket bets must be made, starting not only from a complete understanding of this sport, but also using large amounts of information. You need to know everything about the teams taking part in the match, as well as related factors: weather and climatic conditions.

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