Buy Verified PayPal accounts available for personal and business use

To make large payments via PayPal using your regular PayPal account, you will need a PayPal Business Account.

You need a secure account for your business if you want to keep your money safe. We offer a Buy verified PayPal account balance for businesses.

100% Verified

Bank & Card Verified

There are no limitations

DOC Verified

Proxy Information


Login Guide

Time to Replace in 10 Days

Personal vs. Personal vs.

Verified PayPal Personal Account

PayPal Personal Accounts are great for people who use PayPal to send money and shop online.

You can make and receive money from friends using your Personal account. PayPal Personal Accounts cannot accept as many payment options as PayPal Business accounts.

Even if you have never used a digital wallet, it is simple to create a PayPal account.

Verified PayPal Account:

PayPal Business Accounts have the same features and are better suited for small- to medium-sized businesses.

PayPal Business accounts let you send and receive invoices and set up subscription services. This feature is ideal for freelancers who need invoices for clients, but don’t know the right way.

PayPal Business lets you turn your website into a e-commerce site. Customers can purchase online using this feature.

PayPal Business account holders have access to many other tools and benefits for their business. You can use the funds to invest in your business.

PayPal provides direct financing through its institutions. This allows for you to keep all your payment information in one place.

Setting up a PayPal business account takes longer than setting up a personal one. Contact customer service for assistance.

Verified Paypal Accounts – Personal and business: The pros & cons

Although they may look the same, PayPal’s Personal or Business accounts offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. These factors should be considered before you decide which account you want to use.

Verified PayPal accounts

Personal pros & cons


There is no termination fee or monthly fee.

Transfer money from the sales to a personal account that is linked at no cost


Acceptance of debit and credit cards online is subject to charges.

Merchant services may not be available to all sellers.

What are the pros and cons to using verified PayPal accounts for funding businesses


Additional payment tracking tools and other methods can be used.

Invoices can be sent and received


After upgrading to Business, you cannot downgrade your account. For more information, contact customer service.

A 4% conversion fee is charged and international payments are subject to an additional 1.5%.

What would you choose?

Once you’ve identified the purpose of your PayPal account it’s easy to choose the right one.

Are you going to use PayPal to shop online? If you don’t plan to use any tools or loans, you don’t need to have a Buy verified PayPal account balance.

A Business account allows you to accept credit and loan offers, invoice customers, make online payments or bill them. This is a trusted method.

Other options should be considered. Wise Business, for example, is a company that charges only the mid-market rate and small fees.

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