What does it mean by the proxy seller?

When you use a proxy and try to get access to a website, then your real IP address won’t get revealed. You will be the one to get access to data but use another IP address. People who don’t want to reveal their real identity get proxies. There would be a router, or you can call it a system that will build a connection between the client and the server.

Who are proxy sellers?

It is quite obvious that you won’t be getting proxies out there free of cost. There is a complete setup, and you would buy your proxy from that setup. People or company that sells proxies are known as proxy sellers. Now it depends on you whether you want to buy a single proxy or you would like to invest in it by buying proxies in bulk. 

What would a proxy server do?

There would be few websites on the internet that won’t allow your access to it. If you are still trying to get access to that specific website, then your IP address might get banned, or it might get attacked. To save your IP address from that attack, you need to use a proxy. The proxy seller or the server would keep your original IP address hidden and safe. 

How does the proxy server work?

So, whenever you try to open a website through a proxy server because you don’t want your system to get attacked, your request will go to the proxy server. When the proxy server gets your request, it will further process it. It will get the answer for the client or the people who sent the request and then comes back with the answer whether you can get access to that website or not. 

The proxy server is a part of your system because it provides various types of system functionalities, and it would also provide privacy to your system. Privacy would be the biggest concern of any client who is using a proxy server that their system and their real identity are safe from the world. It is the proxy seller’s duty to get to know your needs better and then provide you with the services that would fulfill them. 

Proxy server as web filter

Yes, a proxy server would work as a web filter, and it would provide people with shared network connections to speed up the process of common requests. The proxy server would be like an interface between the client and the proxy seller. The main job of a proxy seller is to provide people with proxy servers that would let them access whichever website they want to open. 

How can you buy a proxy from a proxy seller?

As we have mentioned above that the main purpose of being a proxy seller is to provide the client with the type of proxy server that will help them to get access to specific types of websites. You can buy a single proxy if you are looking forward to using it for your own personal use. If you are looking for proxy servers for your company or your business, then you will have to buy them in bulk for sure. 

  • The proxy seller will have a look at your requirement sheet, and then they will provide you with the number of proxies that you wanted to buy in the first place. There are different types of proxy servers like IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. If you are getting IPv4, then it means you bought it for the internet protocol version. Yes, it is used as a protocol device for packet-switched link-layer networks.
  • The other proxy, IPv6, is used for communication protocol. It will provide you with identification and location access to websites. 

You can buy the proxies from the proxy seller privately. As they will install them into your system. You can also buy them online. Yes, there are many proxy seller websites that sell proxies nowadays. It has become a pretty huge market now. The proxies you will be buying from the proxy sellers will be with HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS connections.

You just have to let the proxy seller know your need, your requirement, and what type of proxy server would work for you, and then they will sell it according to whether you need IPv4 or IPv6 that would be able to fulfill your needs of a proxy server. 

The bottom line

You can become an ISP reseller and start selling residential proxies. There are different types of proxies, and you need to choose the one that would suit your requirements. There would be different types of proxy sellers in the market selling variety of proxies at different rates. You just need to find the proxy that would work for you. 

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