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Upgrade Your Trailer Experience with the SJ1002T Adjustable Trailer Jack by DNL

The SJ1002T adjustable trailer jack by DNL is a game-changer in the world of trailer parking jacks. This heavy-duty caravan jockey stand offers users an ergonomic knob for ultimate operation, providing a satisfying experience without fatigue. With precision construction and reliable spindle and bearing components, this adjustable trailer jack ensures enhanced strength and extended service life for your towing needs.

Emergency Manual Override Capability

One of the standout features of the Paris Rhône Energy electric powered jack is the manual crank that is conveniently positioned on the top. This feature ensures emergency manual override capability in case of power loss, providing users with peace of mind and the ability to operate the jack manually when needed. It offers an extra layer of safety and reliability for trailer owners.


Integrated Gearbox and Motor for Superior Performance

The electric powered jack from Paris Rhône Energy is equipped with an integrated gearbox and motor system that enhances its performance and durability. This seamless integration ensures smooth and efficient operation during lifting and lowering of trailers, making the process more reliable and precise. The gearbox and motor combination provides the necessary power to handle various towing tasks effectively.


Futuristic Design for Enhanced Protection

Paris Rhône Energy has implemented a futuristic design for the housing of the electric powered jack, offering better protection from external elements. This forward-thinking design not only adds a modern aesthetic appeal but also ensures that the internal components are safeguarded from environmental factors. The housing design enhances the longevity of the jack, making it a durable and reliable choice for trailer owners.



Experience the convenience and reliability of the SJ1002T adjustable trailer jack by DNL, designed to enhance your trailer parking experience. With its ergonomic knob for easy operation, precision construction for enhanced strength, and reliable spindle and bearing system for extended service life, this heavy-duty caravan jockey stand offers durability, stability, and user satisfaction for all your towing needs. Trust DNL to elevate your trailer setup with high-quality and dependable products designed to make towing tasks more efficient and enjoyable.


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