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Unparalleled Protection with Winner Medical’s Surgical Grade Face Masks

Winner Medical shines as a symbol of excellence in the world of consumable medical supplies, presenting their Surgical Grade Medical Face Masks. Crafted to meet the highest standards, these masks are designed to provide unparalleled protection for both healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Exceeding Standards with BFE ≥98%

Winner Medical’s Medical Face Masks boast a remarkable Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of ≥98%. This surgical-grade performance sets a new standard in infection prevention, ensuring a robust defense against airborne pathogens. Hospitals and healthcare facilities can rely on Winner Medical to deliver consumable medical supplies that prioritize safety and efficacy.

Splash Resistance for Uncompromised Safety

Winner Medical stands out as a leader in consumable medical supplies, with a particular focus on producing exceptional face masks. The Surgical Grade Medical Face Masks exhibit Splash Resistance Pressure of ≥120 mm Hg (16.0 kPa), providing an additional layer of protection against fluid exposure. This feature enhances safety during medical procedures, making Winner Medical a trusted choice for hospitals and healthcare practitioners.

Easy Breathing with Unrivaled Comfort

Winner Medical understands the importance of comfort in medical settings. Their Medical Face Masks are designed to be easy to breathe through, ensuring that healthcare professionals can perform their duties without compromising on comfort. The masks are soft, odorless, and non-irritating, making them an ideal choice for extended wear.


Winner Medical stands at the forefront of providing consumable medical supplies that redefine industry standards. The Surgical Grade Medical Face Masks, with their exceptional BFE, splash resistance, and comfort features, exemplify Winner Medical’s commitment to excellence. Elevate your infection prevention protocols with consumable medical supplies that prioritize both safety and comfort, only from Winner Medical.

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