Tips for Playing Ta Liter Phom to Win Quickly for Beginners at New88

Too much bullshiton Trang chủ New88 many unique forms and designs. When participating, players need to focus on catching their opponent’s cards or drawing cards to create a deck. At the same time, remove unnecessary cards to reduce points. Players need to carefully consider and evaluate their numbers as well as predict the cards their opponents must win.

What is Phom?

Phom is a long-standing card game in Vietnam, using a deck of 52 cards and with 2 – 4 players. The principle of this game is to try to win by taking all of your opponent’s cards or creating your own suit. The player with the most phoms will win.

How to play phom

Arrange cards to create suits and play smart cards

Each Phom game requires a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 4 people. Each person is dealt 9 cards, except the dealer or winner who will receive 10 cards. The remaining cards after being shared are placed face down in the middle of the table. The game begins with the player holding 10 cards and proceeds clockwise.

The player holding 10 cards will play any card.

The next person can choose to play that card or draw a card from the spare deck and then play that card.

The game continues clockwise.

The game ends when occupied or after 4 turns and points from unused cards are counted to determine the winner. On the final turn, all players must play phom and then play the remaining cards. Card scores are calculated to determine the winner. Cards A, J, Q, K are counted as 1, 11, 12, 13 points respectively, other cards have value equivalent to the number of points recorded on the card. The player with the lowest score wins.

Easy-to-win card playing tips for newbies

Simple tips to help newbies win at poker

If you are new to the online card game Ta Li Phom and want to improve your winning skills, first learn the terms and rules of this game. In addition, you can also refer to some tips from bookmaker New88 to increase your chances of winning:

Play cards

In Da Li Phom, there are two basic ways to play cards: straight cards and big cards. According to the rules, the person with the lowest score wins in the case of scoring. Therefore, holding big cards like J – Q – K can lead to failure. Therefore, the smart strategy that experts often apply is to play these big cards first

Play pranks

Deception strategy is one of the strategies used by many experts to win quickly in Ta Li Phom. To implement this strategy, players need to focus on observing and guessing their opponent’s cards, then use the appropriate cards to “tear” their opponent’s cards and create a deception strategy. a strategy of deception. a strategy of deception. shape to win quickly.

Play phom break

The strategy of breaking phom is one of the tricks that many people apply when they cannot create buzzing cards in the game Ta li phom. To implement this strategy, players need to meticulously observe and predict their opponent’s cards, then take advantage of the opportunity to capture their opponent’s pawns. When you successfully capture your opponent’s pawns, your odds of winning will increase significantly.
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Common mistakes of newbies when playing Ta Li Phom

Common mistakes of newbies when playing Ta Li Phom

Some mistakes when participating in the game Phom ta la:

Playing Ta phỏm is not sure

One of the common mistakes that leads to failure in the game Ta Li Phom is lacking a steady hand. Especially, this often happens to new players. This game is highly competitive and there is only one ultimate winner. Not paying attention to your opponent and not carefully calculating your moves can create opportunities for your opponent and lead to failure.

Do not observe or pay attention to your opponent’s playing style

The game Ta Li Phom requires a very high level of strategy. Therefore, understanding your opponent’s playing style becomes extremely important. This provides players with the information needed to predict their opponents’ actions and plan their strategies accordingly. However, new entrants often do not pay attention to their opponents and are therefore unable to determine a suitable strategy for themselves.

Don’t know how to post

One of the common mistakes new players make is not knowing how to post. According to the rules, when the match ends without anyone warming up, points are counted and the person with the fewest points wins. If the player does not send many cards or does not have many cards, the possibility of losing will increase significantly.


Chatter is a dramatic, intellectual and attractive game that you cannot miss. Hopefully the information New88 shares will help new players quickly achieve victory in this game.

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