Split Heat Pump: A New Energy Guide For The Modern Home

Split heat pumps are a relatively new innovation in home heating, and they have quickly become an attractive option for homeowners. These systems are not only efficient, but they are also convenient enough to fit any size of home or property and even feature the ability to automatically control the temperature in different zones within your home!

What is a split heat pump?

A split heat pump is a type of air-conditioning and heating system. It works like this: Your house is divided into two sections. One section is used to cool or freeze (the refrigeration unit). The other section is used to heat (the heating unit).

How does a split heat pump work?

The cooling unit in the split heat pump sends cold air outside your home. The warm air from inside your home passes through the heating unit, which warms the air and helps it reach your rooms. This way, you don’t have to use as much energy to keep your house cool or warm.

What are the Advantages of a Split Heat Pump?

A split heat pump is one of the most efficient forms of heating and cooling your home. It uses two separate heat pumps to work together to create a single temperature.

The two heat pumps are connected by a refrigerant line that circulates liquid nitrogen. This creates a split in the flow of air and water, which allows each pump to operate at its best efficiency. The result is an increased energy output while using less energy overall.

Another advantage of a split heat pump is its ability to be reconfigured as your needs change. You can add or remove rooms, or even upgrade your home’s insulation, without having to replace the entire system. Finally, a split heat pump is more environmentally friendly than other heating and cooling methods because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


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