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SmallRig: Reliable Wireless Control for Gimbal Stabilizer

SmallRig is renowned for developing high-quality yet affordable camera accessories. Their Wireless Control Dual Handgrip allows seamless remote operation of DJI RS gimbal stabilizers from a distance.

What’s the function of the handgrip?

The handgrip features functional buttons that enable one to wirelessly control recording, photos, joystick movements and modes for connected camera stabilizers up to 100 meters away. This level of remote control provides maximum flexibility no matter the environment or setup.

How signal transmission between the grip and stabilizer works?

One may wonder how signal transmission between the grip and stabilizer works. SmallRig implemented Zigbee wireless technology along with independent encryption algorithms to ensure smooth, stable transmission with excellent anti-interference abilities. The wireless connection remains dependably linked even in challenging environmental conditions.

The modular design also permits pairing with SmallRig’s separate wireless controller. This provides videographers unmatched freedom to capture stabilized footage from virtually any vantage point. Whether filming sweeping landscape shots or conducting interviews from afar, the camera stabilizer stays fully controllable.

With its quick-release structure and up to 10 hours of battery life from a single charge, the grip seamlessly transitions between controller and handheld modes. This multi-functional versatility fulfills the changing needs of productions.


SmallRig’s innovative handgrip empowers content creators to maximally utilize their gimbal stabilizers and camera stabilizers under any circumstances. Both amateur and professional filmmakers can depend on the device to capture high-quality stabilized footage from a distance.

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