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Reinventing Connectivity with Advanced Optic Manufacturing and Fiber Optic Distribution Solutions

Set out on a revolutionary adventure of communication with FIBERCAN, a leading manufacturer of optical products. Learn about the revolutionary Top Hub Outdoor Enclosure—the epitome of fiber optic distribution box—which redefines the robustness, endurance, and lifespan of network systems.

Top Hub Outdoor Enclosure: A Versatile Approach to Fiber Distribution

FIBERCAN’s Top Hub Outdoor Enclosure sets the stage for innovation with its adaptable installation methods—cross arm hoop, aerial, underground, and wall-mounting. Offering organized storage for connectors and fibers, the enclosure’s adjustable splicing trays cater to varying fiber counts. Crafted from reinforced plastic, it boasts superior strength, corrosion resistance, and a proven structure for reliable sealing, simplifying construction processes.

Exceptional Features for Unmatched Protection: The FIBERCAN Advantage

The Top Hub Outdoor Enclosure by FIBERCAN isn’t just a closure; it’s a fortress for your fiber optics. Engineered to defy environmental challenges, it exhibits exceptional mechanical strength. With flame-retardant and waterproof functions, its robust structure shields inner products from the harshest elements—vibration, impact, and distortion—ensuring unparalleled protection and durability.


In the realm of optic manufacturing and fiber optic distribution, FIBERCAN stands as an innovator. The Top Hub Outdoor Enclosure showcases the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries in connectivity solutions. Trust FIBERCAN to reshape your fiber optic distribution experience, where every connection signifies strength, reliability, and a vision for the future. Elevate your network standards with FIBERCAN—where precision meets the evolution of fiber optic connectivity.

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