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Ledia Lighting’s LED Solutions: Illuminate Your Success as a Distributor or Agent

Ledia Lighting, a leading provider in the lighting industry, offers a range of innovative LED solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of customers. In this article, we will explore Ledia Lighting’s sensor light for cupboard like Lightsaber A06 LED cabinet light with CCT changeable technology and a hand-waving sensor. This cutting-edge product presents an exceptional opportunity for distributors and agents to expand their product portfolio and cater to the growing demand for intelligent and versatile lighting solutions.

Enhanced Functionality

The sensor lights for closet-Lightsaber A06 LED cabinet light is a game-changer for under cabinet and workbench scenarios. With its built-in hand-waving sensor, users can effortlessly turn the light on/off and adjust the brightness without physical contact. This touchless feature adds convenience and a human-centric approach to lighting control. Additionally, the smart buttons allow users to change the color temperature, creating various ambiance options to suit different preferences and settings.

Superior Design and Performance

Ledia Lighting’s Lightsaber A06 boasts a sleek and slim design, making it visually appealing and easy to install. The pure aluminum housing ensures efficient heat dissipation, leading to a longer lifespan for the LED PCB. The edge-lit technology with PMMA LGP provides soft and glare-free lighting, promoting a comfortable and visually pleasing environment. Furthermore, the high CRI LED chips, with a CRI exceeding Ra90, minimize indirect glare and offer excellent eye protection.

Versatility and Compatibility

One of the key advantages of the Lightsaber A06 is its compatibility with most wall dimmers, thanks to the Triac dimming feature. This ensures seamless integration into existing lighting systems and allows users to have full control over brightness levels. Additionally, the Lightsaber A06 offers three CCT options (3000K, 4000K, 5000K), allowing users to customize the lighting to create their desired atmosphere.


Ledia Lighting’s Lightsaber A06 LED cabinet light with CCT changeable technology and a hand-waving sensor provides distributors and agents with a remarkable opportunity to expand their product offerings and meet the growing demand for intelligent lighting solutions. With enhanced functionality, superior design, compatibility with wall dimmers, user-friendly features, and a wide range of options, the Lightsaber A06 is a versatile and reliable choice for under cabinet and workbench lighting.

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