How to Control Inventory at a Clothing Retail Store

Even though opening a clothes store presents an intriguing business opportunity, there are numerous difficulties. Inventory control is one of the most important factors in success for people in the retail clothing industry. But handheld rfid reader can change this.

Challenges facing the apparel industry

Monitor, controlling, and maintaining an ideal inventory level is known as inventory management. Earlier, these processes were manual, and paper spreadsheets were used to track the data manually. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and related things may all be tracked while in motion, thanks to modern inventory management software and mobile devices.

Business owners can react swiftly to changes in consumer demand and fashion trends thanks to real-time inventory automation. However, if inventory management is not done correctly, it could lead to the failure of the company.

Product recommendation for Urovo (DT50U)

Urovo DT50U will be an invaluable asset for your company once integrated with our UMS. The professional code scanning module from our revolutionary handheld DT50U RFID scanner is included. Standard one-dimensional, two-dimensional, defaced, outdated, worn-out, and other atypical codes can all be read by the equipment. RFID technology is also added to the handheld reader, allowing it to scan for multiple goods from up to 20 meters away.

The gadget is appropriate for various situations, including managing warehouses and wholesale clothes, thanks to its millisecond-level scanning response. The ergonomic handle can support workers for two hours of uninterrupted scanning thanks to a setup that uses little power. The greatest PDA for operators in the retail sector is Urovo’s DT50U mobile computer.

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