How is the Area Scan Camera Used in Metal Parts Inspection?

The use of area scan cameras has been a crucial part of metal parts inspection. The purpose of the camera is to highlight the differences in an object’s surface that might be caused by defects or damage. This article will outline the process used by many companies and how it relates to the company’s production schedule.

What is the area scan camera?

The area scan camera is a type of inspection camera that uses a wide-angle lens to capture large areas of a metal part. This camera can be used to inspect welds, seams, and other surface defects.

How it is used in metal parts inspection

An area scan camera is a versatile tool used in metal parts inspection. It can be used to inspect parts for defects such as cracks, dents, and other problems. The camera can also be used to determine the size and shape of objects.

The Pros of the Area Scan Camera

Area scan cameras have become an important part of metal parts inspection. While they are not new technology, they have recently gained popularity because of their accuracy and speed. Here are some pros of using area scan cameras in metal parts inspection.

– Area scan cameras are accurate and can quickly inspect large areas.

– They are fast and can complete a full inspection in just a few minutes.

– They do not require any special training or experience to use, making them suitable for use by beginners.

– They can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

– They are relatively inexpensive to buy and to operate.


The area scan camera is a versatile tool used in metal parts inspection. It allows for detailed images of metal surfaces, which can help identify potential problems with the part. By using the area scan camera, inspectors can quickly and easily identify areas that need further examination.

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