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From Lab to Clinic: The Impact of Tianlong’s HPV PCR Kit on Cervical Cancer Screening

The increase in vaccination rates and cervical adenocarcinoma incidences underscores the critical need for effective HPV testing solutions. Tianlong’s HPV PCR Kit is specifically designed to address this need, offering qualitative detection of 18 high-risk HPV genotypes, crucial for assessing cancer risk and guiding healthcare strategies.

Precision and Reliability at the Forefront

Tianlong’s HPV PCR kit sets a benchmark in diagnostic testing with its exceptional precision. The kit’s internal control system is a standout feature that minimizes the risk of false negatives, a common challenge in PCR testing. This system ensures that each test conducted is reliable and the results are actionable, providing healthcare professionals with the confidence needed to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Coverage and Ease of Use

The Tianlong HPV PCR Kit does more than just detect the primary high-risk types HPV 16 and 18; it also provides a pooled result for 16 other types, making it a comprehensive testing solution in the field of gynecological health. This feature, combined with the kit’s compatibility with various fluorescence detection channels, ensures that it can be integrated seamlessly into clinical workflows, enhancing both the efficiency and scope of HPV testing.


Through the development of the HPV PCR Kit, Tianlong is not just facilitating early detection of HPV but is also actively contributing to the global effort to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. This tool reflects Tianlong’s dedication to advancing healthcare technology and their commitment to providing solutions that meet the needs of today’s complex healthcare landscape. By continuing to innovate and adapt, Tianlong remains at the forefront of diagnostic advancements, supporting public health and patient care worldwide.

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