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Elevate Industrial Computing with YANSEN DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM Modules


Unleash unparalleled performance in industrial computing environments with YANSEN DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, these modules utilize internally configured 8-bank DDR3 SDRAM devices to deliver exceptional speed and processing power. With their innovative design and robust construction, they are the perfect solution for high-speed industrial dram.

High-Speed Operation for Industrial Efficiency

YANSEN DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules leverage DDR architecture to achieve high-speed operation, ensuring rapid data transfer and processing in industrial settings. With an 8n-prefetch architecture, these modules enable the transfer of two data words per clock cycle at the I/O pins, optimizing performance and efficiency.

Advanced Design for Optimal Performance

Each module features 204-pin DIMMs with gold contact fingers, guaranteeing durability and compatibility with industrial-grade systems. The innovative design of YANSEN DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules ensures seamless multitasking and faster application load times, enhancing overall system performance in industrial environments.

Enhanced Industrial Performance

Experience seamless multitasking and faster application load times with YANSEN DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules, designed specifically for industrial computing environments. The high-speed operation of these modules enhances overall system efficiency, making them ideal for demanding industrial applications that require reliable performance.

Compatibility for Easy Integration

With their standardized form factor and gold contact fingers, this industrial dram is compatible with a wide range of industrial systems, ensuring easy integration and hassle-free installation. Whether it’s factory automation, robotics, or embedded systems, YANSEN DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules adapt to meet the specific performance requirements of any industrial application.


YANSEN DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules are the ultimate choice for industrial computing needs. With their advanced design, reliable construction, and compatibility features, they offer unmatched performance and efficiency in industrial settings. Experience the power of YANSEN DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules and elevate your industrial dram experience to new heights.

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