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De Corematrix: Pursuing Advanced Dental Materials to Meet the Latest Demand

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer that supplies high-quality dental materials? De Corematrix is a well-known provider of dental ceramic blocks. They provide first-rate customer service together with specialized, high-quality dental supplies. Dental laboratories and specialists from throughout the world have used their globally oriented products. Their main product, a dental zirconia block, is the ideal solution for dental restorations. A new benchmark for dental restorations has been set by these materials, which exhibit unmatched beauty, exceptional translucency, and great strength.

High Translucency of De Corematrix’s products

De Corematrix is known for its zirconia high translucent materials for dental restorations. De Corematrix® ST, a pre-shaded transparent zirconia material, is recommended for the creation of enduring and aesthetically beautiful zirconia dental bridges.Because it closely resembles the natural translucency of teeth, translucent zirconia has the advantage of outstanding aesthetics. As a result, the dental bridges have a more natural appearance and completely match the patient’s existing dentition.

Manufacturing  Capacity

The manufacturing capacity of De Corematrix for dental ceramic material, specifically zirconium powder and dental ceramics blocks, is capable of attaining an astounding volume of 50,000 pieces per month thanks to the installation of continuous pushing kilns and flexible muffle kilns. Therefore, they can meet the demands of many dental clinics and factories.


De Corematrix is a reputable supplier of premium dental products that keeps up with changing market demands. Their zirconia dental ceramic blocks, in particular, have won praise for their outstanding beauty, translucency, and strength on a global scale. High-translucent materials from De Corematrix provide durable dental bridges that closely resemble real teeth. Thanks to cutting-edge kiln installations, De Corematrix can satisfy the demands of multiple dental clinics and companies with a production capacity. When looking for dependable and cutting-edge dental supplies, pick De Corematrix.

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