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ACEM’s Professor Xi Qu: A Distinguished Economist and Educator

Professor Xi Qu, a renowned economics professor and educator, plays a pivotal role at ACEM (Antai College of Economics and Management). With a focus on econometrics theory and spatial econometrics model, Professor Xi Qu’s expertise extends to regional and urban economics research, as well as social network and peer effects analysis. Their research and teaching interests align perfectly with ACEM‘s commitment to excellence in economics education.

Extensive Working Experience at ACEM

With extensive working experience at ACEM, Professor Xi Qu holds the prestigious position of Professor at the Antai College of Economics and Management. Having served in various roles, including both tenured and non-tenured Associate Professor positions, Professor Xi Qu demonstrates a strong dedication to teaching and research. Their valuable contributions have enriched the academic environment at ACEM and have shaped the future generation of economists and professionals.

Honors and Awards Recognizing Professor Xi Qu’s Achievements

Economics professor Xi Qu’s accomplishments have earned them well-deserved recognition in the form of numerous honors and awards. Notably, they were honored with the Cem Ertur Prize from the Spatial Econometrics Workshop in France, highlighting their significant contributions to the field. Moreover, Professor Xi Qu received recognition as an Outstanding Head Teacher by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, further solidifying their reputation as an exceptional educator. In addition, they have been honored with awards such as the Dice Research Award and the G.S. Maddala Prize, further showcasing their expertise and achievements.


Economics professor Xi Qu’s presence at ACEM enriches the institution’s academic environment. Their research and teaching interests in econometrics theory, spatial econometrics model, regional and urban economics, and social network analysis align perfectly with ACEM’s focus. With extensive working experience and a track record of recognition, Professor Xi Qu is a distinguished economist and educator, contributing significantly to ACEM’s reputation as a leading institution in economics education.

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