The Complete Guide To Magnetic Drive Pump Bushings

Have you ever had a pump that just seemed to not be working as well as it should? The magnetic drive pump bushings from Junty might just be the answer for you.

What is a Magnetic Drive Pump Bushing?

A Magnetic Drive Pump Bushing is a component that is used on many magnetic drive pumps. It helps to reduce the amount of wear and tear on the pump.

How to Use Magnetic Drive Pump Bushings

Magnetic drive pump bushings are a great way to improve the performance of your pump. They reduce wear and help ensure smooth operation. There are different types of magnetic drive pump bushings, so it’s important to choose the right one for your application.

  1. Choose the correct size.

Pump bushings come in different sizes, so it’s important to choose the right size for your application. The size you select should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. Over-tightening the bushing can cause damage to the pump and inaccurate pumping. Under tightening the bushing can cause leaks and decrease pumping efficiency.

  1. Choose the correct type of magnetic drive pump bushing.

There are two main types of magnetic drive pump bushings: friction type and electric motor type. Friction-type magnetic drive pumps rely on friction between two surfaces to move fluid, while electric motor-type magnets create a flux field that causes current flow through a coil causing movement of fluids through a pipe or motor shaft.


Whether you’re looking to save money or just want to get the most out of your equipment, check out Junty on magnetic drive pump bushings! The company offers a diversity of commodities that will sure to satisfy the needs of your business!

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