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SmallRig: Designing Professional Filmmaking Gear

SmallRig is a professional filmmaking equipment manufacturer dedicated to creating high-quality, innovative camera accessories.  Among their impressive lineup, SmallRig’s wireless follow focus systems stand out as game-changers in the industry.Founded in 2013, SmallRig has revolutionized the filmmaking industry with their extensive range of camera cages, handles, follow focuses, matte boxes, and more. Their dedication to continuous innovation and co-design with users has made them a leader in wireless follow focus systems.

SmallRig: Designing Professional Filmmaking Gear

Wireless Follow Focus Systems Remove Physical Constraints    

Traditional follow focus systems rely on physical cables connected to the lens to adjust focus. This can restrict movement and limit certain camera angles. Wireless follow focus systems remove these constraints by transmitting focus adjustments wirelessly from the controller to the lens. This freedom of movement unlocks new creative possibilities for filmmakers.

Achieve Precise Focus While On The Move

SmallRig‘s “MagicFIZ” wireless follow focus systems transmit focus movement data with high precision, allowing filmmakers to achieve precise focus control while on the move. Whether you’re tracking a subject, doing a moving shot, or adjusting focus during an action sequence,  SmallRig’s wireless follow focus systems provide the accuracy and reliability needed for professional filming.


SmallRig’s wireless follow focus systems are essential tools for filmmakers who want to achieve precise focus adjustments and take their filming to the next level. With a range of options suitable for various camera models and brands, SmallRig offers high-quality and reliable wireless follow focus systems that cater to the needs of both professionals and amateurs. Visit SmallRig today and discover the best wireless follow focus system for your needs!

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