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Introducing RedteaGO eSIM’s Data-Only Package for Seamless Global Connectivity

RedteaGO eSIM introduces a cutting-edge solution for global connectivity with its Data-only package designed for users across 130+ areas worldwide. Offering 100MB of data, an Austrian phone number, and unlimited text message reception, this package provides a comprehensive and affordable option for staying connected on the go.

Key Features for Seamless Communication

With RedteaGO eSIM’s eSIM global Data-only package, users gain access to a host of selling points, including the convenience of an Austrian phone number and unlimited text message reception throughout the 365-day validity period. This ensures that users can communicate effortlessly and effectively while traveling or living abroad, enhancing their connectivity experience.

Activation and Service Details

To make the most of the Data-only package, it is essential to activate your data plan within 90 days of purchase. Failure to do so may result in the plan becoming unavailable and non-refundable after the order expires. Additionally, users should be aware that network services will cease once the allocated data is depleted within the validity period, highlighting the importance of monitoring usage to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.


RedteaGO eSIM’s eSIM global Data-only package offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for users seeking global connectivity across 130+ areas. With 100MB of data, an Austrian phone number, and unlimited text message reception, this package caters to diverse communication needs while providing value for money. By activating the data plan in a timely manner and managing usage effectively, users can enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the 365-day validity period, making RedteaGO eSIM the go-to choice for reliable and efficient global communication.

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