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Elevating Visual Brilliance: YES TECH’s Mini and COB LED Displays Redefine Excellence

Enter a realm of unparalleled visual brilliance with YES TECH, a leader in cutting-edge LED displays. Explore the possibilities embodied in the Mnano II and Mplus Mini Series, complemented by the technological prowess of the Mnano MetaTech and Mpad Series. Each series meticulously sets new benchmarks in mini LED display and COB LED display technologies.

Mnano II Series: Redefining Precision with COB Flip Technology

Experience innovation with the Mnano II Series, embracing the latest COB flip technology. Offering pixel pitches from 0.78 to 1.87mm and a compact cabinet design ideal for indoor environments, Mnano II sets the stage for unparalleled clarity and excellence in Mini LED displays.

Mnano MetaTech Series: Intelligent Choices for Budget Excellence

Mnano MetaTech brings together smart COB technology and budget-friendly choices, providing cost-effective brilliance for indoor LED displays. With pixel pitches of 0.9 and 1.25, this series signifies a convergence of intelligence and affordability in COB LED displays.

Mpad Series: A Dynamic Canvas for Limitless Creativity

Discover the Mpad Series, a versatile canvas fostering limitless creativity. With features tailored for diverse applications, Mpad becomes the perfect solution for those seeking dynamic displays in Mini LED technology.

Mplus Mini Series: Compact Excellence, Unleashing Versatility

Embark on a journey with Mplus Mini Series, embodying compact excellence and delivering versatility for various display needs in Mini and COB LED technology.


In conclusion, YES TECH’s Mini and COB LED displays redefine visual excellence. Elevate displays with innovation and precision, setting new standards in mini and COB LED technology. Experience brilliance with YES TECH, where every pixel tells a story of cutting-edge innovation and unparalleled excellence.

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