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Dragon Tiger online game is a popular game in casino halls, loved by many people in the online betting market. The attraction of this game comes from its simple gameplay, clear rules and high winning rate at each bet. Recently, after Trang chủ Hi88 Cooperating with online Casino partners in China, many people have participated in playing and have extremely honest reviews about this game. Below are those opinions that I want to share with you in today’s article.

Special features of Dragon Tiger game Hi88

What is Dragon Tiger? This is a card game with a long history, originating from China in the 19th century. Initially, this game was popular in small card shops and traditional gambling parlors.

The name “Dragon Tiger” comes from two important animals in the game: Dragon and Tiger. The Dragon represents the player, while the Tiger represents the dealer. These two animals simultaneously symbolize important cultural values ​​in Chinese culture – the Dragon symbolizes luck and wealth, while the Tiger represents fierceness and strength.

Over time, Dragon Tiger card game has gradually become a popular card game not only in China but also in many other countries. In particular, this game has quickly spread to major casinos in Macau and Las Vegas, attracting the attention of many tourists and players.

With the development of technology and the Internet, the way to play Dragon Tiger has also moved to the online environment. Players can now experience this game at online casinos and use mobile versions, providing convenience and fun in participating in the game remotely.

Thanks to its uniqueness and appeal, Dragon Tiger online still maintains an important position in the field of gambling entertainment and continues to attract a large number of card game lovers around the world.

Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger at Hi88

In Hi88, the online Dragon Tiger game currently offers 7 diverse bets, including 3 main bets and 4 side bets:

  • Rong’s door (Long).
  • Ho’s door.
  • The door “Mr. Dragon” is in harmony with “Mr. Tiger”.
  • The door is even black (Even).
  • Red odd door (Odd).
  • Even Red door.
  • Odd Black door (Odd Black).

Each betting window comes with specific odds, creating flexibility for players to choose and bet to their liking.

How to play Dragon Tiger Hi88

InHow to play Dragon Tiger, the number of 52-card decks used will be from 6 to 8, and the dealer will be responsible for opening cards and dividing bets in each game. Before starting, the dealer will shuffle the cards by machine and leave the pile of cards on the right hand side of the screen for the players to see.

  • During the betting phase, each player will have 10 seconds to place bets on 7 bets (as described).
  • When the betting time ends, the dealer will draw 3 cards from the shuffled pile on the right side and place them on 3 corresponding boxes on the table. However, during the process of flipping, the card in the leftmost box will be discarded, only the remaining 2 cards will be flipped.
  • After the cards have been turned over, the system will display the cards on the screen and the results of the bets. If you bet correctly, you will receive a corresponding bonus; otherwise, the bet will be lost.

At the house’s home page Hi88, when customers bet on DragonHo ho Tiger door and win, they will receive money at a ratio of 1:1.

This rate is regulated by international bookmakers because the customer’s ability to win on each turn is very high, up to more than 50%, easily bringing profits to the player.

In addition, a draw is also added to the game’s rules to increase challenge and appeal. Because the possibility of a draw is low, the odds for this bet can be up to 8 or 9 times the initial bet amount.

Rules for calculating Dragon and Tiger points online Hi88

Below are instructions on how to calculate points in Dragon Tiger game Hi88, helps you understand the rules of the game and win easily:

  • Arrange from smallest to largest: In Dragon Tiger online, the cards are ranked from A (Ace), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.
  • Score from 2 to 10: Cards from 2 to 10 will be scored according to their own value. For example, card 2 will be worth 2 points, card 5 will be worth 5 points.
  • Scores for J, Q, K: J, Q, K cards will be counted as 11, 12 and 13 points respectively.
  • Score for card A: Card A (Ace) will only count as 1 point in Dragon Tiger game.

It is important to note that these details will help you participate in the Dragon Tiger game effectively and easily win the games.

Valuable experience when playing Dragon Tiger Hi88

Below are the experiences of gambling experts on the house’s website Hi88 Pass it down to help you win the Dragon Tiger card game:

Learn to follow trends

There is an old saying: “Learn to eat, learn to speak, learn to package, learn to open.” Applying this proverb to playing cards is not wrong at all.

This adage guides you like a compass to help you easily decide which bet to place on.

Players need to observe carefully from the first game. If you see the Dealer dealing cards and the J, Q, K cards appear, make sure from the second game you bet on the “Dragon door”.

If the third game still has J, Q, K cards in the Dragon door, then the fourth game will definitely be the “Tiger door”‘s turn to win.

Bet in zigzag shape

This method is like scenes from historical movies, you can use the first board as a reference point for the Tiger or Dragon door.

From the second game, you bet the opposite of the previous game, the third game is a draw bet. This will ensure a win rate of more than 50%.

However, in the case of an online Dragon and Tiger table with a mixed betting history between the Dragon and Tiger bets, you should apply this method.

See: Nổ Hũ Hi88

Experience for newbies – Choose the 1:1 ratio bet

When first starting out, avoid betting on a draw because you may end up at a loss and lose all your bets in an unexpected way.

There are many cases where new players, after checking their betting history, have bet a lot of money on a tie hoping to win. However, after a short time, they spent all their money and the draw still did not bring a profit.

Ideally, bet on 1:1, this is the safest and simplest method to avoid taking unnecessary risks. If you do not have experience predicting cards, absolutely do not bet on other strange numbers.

Observe betting history when participating in the table

Every time you participate in the Tiger – Dragon table, always get in the habit of observing the betting history table, because this is really useful for your speculation strategy.

Betting history also helps you determine what the current odds are, from which you can decide whether to join the table or not.

If the cards have followed a trend as shown in the illustration, that could be a sign to you of where it could be profitable for you!

Adjust bets and manage psychology

  • Adjust your bets wisely. When you’re winning, consider increasing your bet to take advantage. If you encounter consecutive losing games, reduce your bet to preserve the amount you are betting.
  • Always focus on betting on Tiger or Dragon, because the win rate of these two bets is the highest. Avoid betting on a draw (Egalité), because the win rate is low and you can easily lose money.
  • Maintain a calm mentality and don’t let emotions influence decisions. If you feel stressed or not confident, take a break before continuing to play.


We can see that the game Dragon Tiger Hi88 Not a difficult game. Therefore, I advise bettors to refer to my guide. You can register a betting account on Hi88 and apply what I have taught you to achieve victory.

You can also make the game more fun by inviting more friends to join. Hi88s.net will reward you with additional commissions if you refer friends to join the game. Look forward to the victories that are coming your way when playing Dragon Tiger!

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