Avoid These Common Mistakes When Using Face Scrubs

Dreaming of fresh, dewy, glowing skin that reflects your natural skin tone and softness? The best way to get your dreamy skin is to use a face scrub. Scrubbing your face helps you get rid of dead cells, product build-up, and blemishes that reveal shiny and clear skin. Once your skin is clean, the absorption of other products also improves, giving you the desired results.

In this blog, let’s see how just one step in your skincare regimen can get you radiant, fresh, and supple skin:

How to use scrub effectively?

Here are the five simple steps to exfoliate your skin in the most effective ways:

1. Using the wrong scrub

Selecting the right scrub for your skin is important. A hard exfoliator does not mean healthier, shiner, and smoother skin. If it does not suit your skin type and needs, it can result in damaged and irritated skin. A suitable scrub meets the needs of your skin types and particular issues, like aloe vera face scrub for oily skin.

2. Scrubbing without prepping the skin

If you take the scrub in your hand and start applying it to your face directly, you are doing no good to your face. Before scrubbing the face, wash your hands and clean the face with a cleanser. Washing the hands will reduce the chances of transferring germs from hands to face. Cleansing the face would remove all the dirt and impurities, reducing the chances of friction on the skin. Once cleansed, apply scrub on damp skin.

3. Scrubbing in the wrong way

The simple and most effective way of scrubbing is to do it gently. Scrub the face using a soft, circular motion. This will ensure that you cover all parts of the face. Be cautious as you move towards the eye area. Do not overdo it, and scrub for 3-4 minutes only. Wash off with cold water to calm the skin.

4. Drying the skin harshly

It is a general practice among many people to harshly rub the face with a towel even after applying the best face scrub for women to remove whiteheads and blackheads. It does not do any good to your skin. It causes redness, inflammation, and open pores, also causing damage to the skin surface. Once you have rinsed the face, gently pat dry the skin with a soft cloth.

5. Not applying the moisturiser

Scrubbing the skin removes its natural oil. This calls for restoring moisture to protect it from drying and becoming flaky. Once the skin is cleaned with a scrub, the products are better absorbed by it. This is the time you can use a potent serum to address your particular skin issue or simply apply a moisturiser to deeply nourish the skin.

What are the common scrubbing mistakes to avoid?

Once you know how to apply the best face scrub for women the right way, let’s take a look at some interesting tips that can enhance your scrubbing experience.

1. Scrubbing too frequently or not at all

Scrubbing your skin once or twice a week is sufficient. Scrubbing more often can microtear the skin and damage the skin layers. Frequent scrubbing can further lead to dryness and flaky skin. Scrubbing your skin once or twice a month or with more delays does not help keep the skin clean and healthy, resulting in dull skin with breakouts and infections.

2. Scrubbing just before or after hair removal

Do not scrub your skin right before or after hair removal. The skin becomes sensitive after hair removal, and scrubbing it right after can damage it. Ideally, you should scrub your skin 3-4 days before or after hair removal. Scrubbing the skin before hair removal would be beneficial in bringing out the ingrown hair and removing it. This will give you silky, smooth skin.

3. Scrubbing on breakout or irritated skin

If your skin is irritated or experiencing breakouts, avoid scrubbing it. Scrubbing can further damage the skin and increase irritation and redness. If it is required, use a gel-based gentle scrub to clean your skin. Do not overdo it. Once you have scrubbed your face with a face scrub for oily skin, apply a serum or moisturiser to calm the skin.

4. Not scrubbing in all seasons

The harsh dryness in summer often makes you skip using a scrub. Whether it is dryness due to the hot season or cold season, the flakiness and dead cells make your skin look dull. Irrespective of the seasons, your skin needs Lotus scrub from time to time to glow and stay healthy.

5. Not scrubbing your body

Scrubbing your face is not enough. You need to focus on your neck and overall body to maintain the right glow. Your body’s skin also experiences environmental changes and aggressors, which can affect its health. Scrubbing your body helps remove dead cells and product build-up. It also improves the absorption of body lotions, making the body soft and supple.

Scrubbing is the best way to achieve supple, soft, clean, and radiant skin. It is time to get a face scrub that suits your skin type. Look no further and explore the wide range of Lotus scrubs that come with the goodness of herbal ingredients. Curated to suit your skin types, these are gentle and nourishing on your skin. Keep glowing in your healthy skin!

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